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Ken Burns Style Gallery - Hidden Mountain Los Lunas, NM

This is a "Ken Burns" style gallery which slides, pans, fades, and zooms. You can also add links to the images as well. The images are from our vacation in Los Lunas New Mexico at Hidden Mountain. The Decalogue Stone or Mystery Stone was discovered over 100 years ago, and was not translatable for about 20 years, until paleo-hebrew was discovered. The stone is inscribed with a style of paleo-hebrew that was used from 700 - 1200 BCE. It has been said to be a fraud, but how could someone perpetrate a fraud before the language was even known? The first recorded sighting of the stone dates back to 1880. Paleo-Hebrew was discovered in the early 1900's. Additionally, did they also forge the star chart, build all of the encampment sites, and plant pottery fragments all over the mountain top as well? For a chart comparing ancient Paleo-Hebrew, middle Paleo-Hebrew, modern Hebrew, Greek and Latin, click here. If you would like to download a zip file of the images, click here.

Hidden mountain is a treasure of archeological evidence including the Decalogue (Ten Commandments) Stone, a possible altar stone, a possible tabernacle site, multiple encampment ruins, hundreds of pottery fragments, and a myriad of petroglyphs. There is even a star chart inscribed on a stone which depicts a solar eclipse that occurred on Sept. 27th 759 BCE! This date also agrees with the dating of the paleo-hebrew that's inscribed on the Decalogue Stone and the Altar Stone, (700 – 1200 BCE). Decide for yourself. All of us at Full Impact Web Design hope you enjoy this gallery. What can we do for you?



If you would like to get directions and see pictures of the trail to the stone and to the top of the mountain, where the tabernacle, encampments, altar stone and star chart are click here.