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Thumbnail Enlargement Gallery – Bobbie Carlyle

Full Impact Web Design can build the right gallery to showcase your work, as we did for Bobbie Carlyle. Her website was based on a brochure of her work that was very popular. She also said that in exhibitions where her work was displayed against a black background, she received a much better response. Using this input we constructed an elegant, "minimal" black website that delivered the result she was looking for, your attention is drawn to her work, not ours.

When Bobbie first contacted us in 2002, her site had crashed, there was no backup and her web developer was not returning her calls. She wasn't showing up in search engines and no new clients were being generated from her website. After building and optimizing her new site, within 3 months, she was getting page 2 rankings on searches and within 6 months, a search for any of her pieces such as: "Bobbie Carlyle Self Made Man", "Bobbie Carlyle Sculpture", or "Bobbie Carlyle Fabric of Her Soul" was in the top 3 results on search engines. Today, a very large percentage of her sales are being generated from her site, especially from international clients."What can we do for you?"

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