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Publishing Popular RSS Feeds to Increase SEO

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One way to further improve SEO of your site is to add a published RSS feed to it. There are many available for you to choose from and all are free to use. An important point to consider is that the content contained in the feed should be relevant to the content on your site or it will adversely affect SEO. Additionally, your clients or customers will have access to these feeds so they should be pertinent and informative . Once the feed is up and running, it will provide "fresh" content on a regular basis and it updates automatically. This is an excellent way to add new content to your site without a lot of effort.

Another important point to consider is how the feed is accessed and displayed. Using a javascript is by far the most popular method of accomplishing this, but in terms of SEO, this does you very little good. Search Engines have difficulty reading javascript so any hopes of improving SEO using this method are for naught. The feed needs to be physically displayed in the pages HTML to do any good at all in the area of SEO. Full Impact Web Design always use non-javascript methods to pull in and display the feeds to give you the optimization you're looking for and the best return on your investment (ROI). If you already have a site and have published a feed for the purpose of improving SEO and would like to know if javascript was used, give us a call and we will show you how you can easily check it.