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Opt-in Mailing Lists

Opt-in Mailing Lists

Just a brief search of the web will yield a myriad of results about the various Internet marketing strategies available to you, and it's important to educate yourself on what they are, and how to use each one effectively. There are also many strategies that will most likely lead to utter failure. This is not a "scare tactic", but a merely a warning of how important it is to know what you're doing to avoid the potential pitfalls so you can make sure you're always on the right side of the fence. With that said, let's talk about using email lists for marketing products and services to a mass audience.

More than likely, you have received your share of spam emails, so you're probably also aware of how much damage this type of marketing can do and I'm also sure that you'd never intentionally spam anyone. However, it's very easy to fall into the trap of unintentional spamming when starting up an Internet marketing campaign, unless you use a good opt-in email system. It's possible to be accused of spamming even if your intentions were good. By deploying an opt-in mailing list, the prospect acknowledges that they've agreed to receive emails from you.

Never buy email lists, chances are, many of the addresses will be inoperative, and even worse, you'll be identifying your product or service, and yourself, as a spammer, which is definitely not good.

Create Your Own Mailing List

Full Imact Web Design can help you create an opt-in email system, that you can manage locally, from your own machine, using your Email program of choice. Once you have your various mail groups set up, you simply send one email to a targeted group and everyone in that group will receive it. As your list begins to grow, you might want to consider using a well-established commercial service like Aweber, or you could do a search for "free opt in email". I not sure how reliable the free services would be so make sure to check them out thoroughly before selecting one.

The most reliable way to build a good, well-targeted email list is to create a unique or special offer for those who subscribe and it would have an opt-in form on it. An interested visitor to the page can fill in the form - usually with just their name and email address - and by doing that, they're agreeing to receive email from you. Be sure to offer them something for doing this - you could offer free information, an e-book or report. Another option of building email lists marketing products this way is using a "double opt in" system. This simply means that when the prospect has filled in your web form, he'll receive an automated response asking if he has indeed agreed to receive emails from you. He'll be required to click on a link in the email to confirm the request is indeed valid. Once he's done this, he'll receive the information he requested, and will be added to your email list.